Ilona Topolcsanyi


Before finding her ultimate calling as a ceramic artist, Ilona Topolcsanyi ventured down a number of career paths – dental nurse, masseuse, acupuncturist, call centre manager and travel agent, just to name a few. But a humble pottery class changed all that.  Initially

Attracted to the utilitarian, tactile nature of the craft, pottery has offered Ilona Topolcsanyi the

chance to infuse a desire for functionality with her passion for creative expression. She has become a specialised maker of bespoke tableware for some of Australia’s most notable chefs. Each range that ultimately appears on the restaurant table is the result of a direct collaboration in which the food and the personality of the chef influences the ceramic forms and surfaces developed. For Ilona,

the food is the picture, the plate is the frame. With each new commission consideration is given to what makes a menu unique and how she can celebrate and enhance this through ceramics and optimise both the function and beauty of finished pieces.



Colin Hopkins


As an architect, Colin Hopkins has always been fascinated with light and how much it can change the quality of space. But on a trip to Japan in 2006 he discovered the transcendent beauty of hand-crafted porcelain and it forged a new career path entirely. Colin took a hands-on approach when he returned, worshipping his love of light by signing up for a 2 year ceramics course at Box Hill Institute. Since then he has launched his own brand of hand crafted ceramic luminaires, PORCELUME. 

Colin has perfected the art of hand‐throwing porcelain extremely thin so that the objects he makes have a singing translucency.